Thursday, October 27, 2016

PORTFOLIO G8 semester 1 2016/2017

Portfolio G8 Semester 1 2016/2017

1. PE

  • Shooting Basketball 

2. Science 
  • Explaining Respiratory System 

3. PAI
  • Al-Mulk 1-15 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - Hour of Code

Review on "Hour of Code"...
ICT Midtest 8th Grade sem 1 2016

    5w 1H
  1. What is "Hour of code"?   
  2. Who is the CEO and Founder of "Hour of Code"?
  3. When is the "Hour of Code"?
  4. Why choose "Hour of Code"?
  5. Where can you watch the tutorial videos? 
  6. How much can one learn in an Hour?                                                                                                                                                                                       Answer: 
1.  The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. One-hour tutorials are available in over 45 languages. No experience needed. Ages 4 to 104.

2. The founder and the CEO is Hadi Partovi.

3. The Hour of Code takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week.

4. Hour of code has a goal of connecting all school and reaching millions of students this December. Hour of Code is also known as one of the largest education events in history. Hour of Code also helps children to learn code in an easier way, by using blocks called "Blockly". Under the hood, you're creating JavaScript code.

5. You can watch the video tutorials in almost every lesson.

6. The goal of the Hour of Code is not to teach anybody to become an expert computer scientist in one hour. One hour is only enough to learn that computer science is fun and creative, that it is accessible at all ages, for all students, regardless of background. Millions of the participating teachers and students have decided to go beyond one hour - to learn for a whole day or a whole week or longer, and many students have decided to enroll in a whole course (or even a college major) as a result.

some of the answers and questions are from 

Go to to check it out now...

Review on, 
  1. Star wars 
  2. Minecraft 
  3. Angry Bird/Flappy Bird 
  4. Play Lab/Infinity Play Lab 
  5. Frozen
  6. Artist 
1. Star Wars: Build a Galaxy with code  (Difficulty: Easy) 
     The Star Wars code of Hour is actually one of my favorite. There are 15 levels in total. It will teach you how to change characters and scenes. On level 15 you're gonna make a simple game, then you can publish it so others can play it too. You can also view your certificate and even print it.

2. Minecraft  (Difficulty: Medium)
   For me, Minecraft Hour of Code isn't too hard. There are 14 levels to it. First you'll have to choose the character Alex/Steve. You will learn some simple codes and at the end you will create something, anything you just use your imagination. you can also publish/submit you your finished result and also print you certificate. 

3. Angry Bird/Classic Maze  (Difficulty: Medium) 
    This isn't only Angry Bird (level 1-11) there is also Plant vs. Zombie (level 12-15) and Ice Age (16-20). There are 20 levels. There may be allot of levels, but in my opinion its actually quite easy, it gets harder as the levels go. At the end you can view and print out your certificate.

4. Infinity Play Lab (Difficulty: Easy) 
     On this Lesson you will learn how to make actors speak, move and interact with each other. There are 10 level on this one. Its called Infinity Play Lab because the characters used are from Disney Infinity; Elsa, Anna, Hiro, Baymax, etc. On level 10 you will create anything you like from scratch. Then share it publicly for other people to see. Like the other lesson you can also view and print out your certificate. 

5. Frozen/Code with Anna and Elsa   (Difficulty: Hard)
    Maybe some of you guys may think that Frozen isn't hard, but for me its quite hard. This lesson has 20 levels. Here you will learn how to make patterns and designs. which could be really frustrating. All you gotta do is keep it simple with this one. At the end of the level all you have to do is create a pattern/design then share it publicly so people can also see it too.

6. Artist   (Difficulty: Hard)
    Ah finally this is the last one. I think that artist is hard. because in this one you kinda have to think logically (actually you have to think in every single one). Artist is very similar to Frozen, you have to make patterns and design. There are only 10 levels. The first few levels were okay but then...On the last 2 levels all you gotta do is create anything you want, and I am to lazy to think of a new pattern so... the same like Froze, you just have to share your work, view your certificate, submit then print it...

So this is the end of my review, so to make things clear this is my school work...
Thank You for reading this and,
BYE BYEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!...


Friday, March 18, 2016

My Portfolio Semester 2 2015/2016

Portfolio Semester 2 2015/2016

  • Lari Bumerang (UTS)

  • Al-Waqiah Ayat 1-48 (UTS)

  • Hadist Riwayat Ahmad dan Hadist Riwayat Bayhaqi (UTS)

  • Niat Mandi Wajib, Sholat Gerhana Matahari dan Bulan (UTS)

  • Cara Bertelepon (UTS)

  • Editing Photo

  • Making Student Registration Poster

Friday, December 4, 2015

Hack #01

HEY!!! Right now i'm gonna write my very first hack!!! YAY!!!
Okay let's start...

How to cut your nails easier

Things you need:

  • A bowl of water (as much as you need)
  • Nail clipper
  • Towel/tissue (optional)

  1. Dip your fingers that your about to cut in a bowl of water for about 5 minutes or until your fingers starts wrinkling/your nail get softer (if you know what I mean).
  2. After dipping your hands in the water, dry them up and then grab your nail clipper and start cutting your nail.
  3. Viola!!! Now you can cut your nail easily without using all your might and maybe braking your nail clipper. YAY!!!
There you have it my very first hack. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to add Human Calendar

HEY!! I'm gonna tell you guys how to add Human Calendar Gadget/Widget...
So here it is:

 1. Go to the human calendar website choose the size of the calendar that you want:                         

2. Then copy the code after choosing the size.


3. After that click HTML/Java Script                                                                                                                                                                                                      

4. After clicking it, paste it on the space given and also add/create a title (its up to you).

5. VOILA!!! And there you have it your own Human Calendar!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My First LDK

Hey readers!!!
I'm gonna tell you about my first LDK/Basic Leadership Training (BLT) trip to Richie the farmer, Sentul.

What I Think about LDK/BST...
I think that LDK/BST is training us (me and my friends) be a good leader. I love the activities that they made, it was so fun....

While we were there were divided into 3 groups:

  • Abdullah (Captain)
  • Adil
  • Ghiffary
  • Reza 
  • Merris
  • Tara
  • Rasya (Captain)
  • Abel
  • Dewa
  • Salma
  • Sophie
  • Kamil (Captain)
  • Egar
  • Zaidan
  • Reshad
  • Mazia
  • Nafisa (Me!!)
Anyways I'm going to tell you the story...

  On 5 November 2015 NAMS (Nizamia Nadalusia Middle School) went to Richie the Farmer, Sentul. We went on a army truck, the wind coming in from the window was very strong.

Friday, October 9, 2015

My Portfolio Semester 1 2015/2016

Portfolio Semester 1 2015/2016

1. PE 

  • Skipping for 1 Minute (UTS)

  • Rolling (UAS)

2. Gambang Kromong 
  • Lenggang Kangkung (UTS)
3. PAI 

  • Recite Al-Waqiah 1-15 Ayah (UTS)

  • Recite Al-Waqiah 1-30 Ayah (UAS)

4. English
  • Describing Situation (UTS)

5. Science
  • Parts of Microscope (UTS)

6. Bahasa Indonesia
  • Membaca Berita (UTS)

  • Membalas Pantun (UAS)

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